Playing DTS-WAV with Audigy2

DTS-WAV is a format found on DTS Audio CDs. It’s basically a hack, as it uses a standard WAV header to trick the CD player into playing the track, while the music format is DTS. The WAV header must be removed before the file can be played in Windows. I used the latest BeSplit beta for that:

BeSplit -core( -input DTS-Track-001.wav -output 001.dts -type dtswav -fix)

But how do I play it? PowerDVD used to work, but doesn’t anymore. VLC crashes. Foobar2000 does not (anymore) have a DTS plugin. I also tried the ASIO driver for Winamp and Foobar’s kernel device mode. Nothing puts out digital DTS to my stereo.

Media Player classic can downmix DTS to stereo or play it via S/PDIF. The problem: the output is not resampled from 44.1kHz to 48khz, which leads to high pitched voices.