XBMC & Lirc & Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric

After upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10, my MCE remote stopped working in XBMC. Since XBMC did not get an update (it’s coming from a separate PPA), I assume the LIRC button naming for the “mceusb” driver has changed in the new lirc package. It doesn’t match the “mceusb” section in XBMC’s Lircmap.xml anymore.

What I had to do to get my MCE remote working again in XBMC was to create a new file ~/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml and insert the remote button codes that I gathered from running “irw” and pressing the buttons. Make sure that the “lirc” package is installed and choose the “Windows Media Center Remote” when it asks you for the type of remote you have.

This is mostly the default mapping, with a few customisations for my personal preferences. Note that this is for the “mceusb” driver, if you use a different driver, you have to change the “<remote device=”mceusb”>” line and gather the correct codes from “irw”.

	<remote device="mceusb">

The above file maps the buttons on the remote to XBMC button names. If also want to change the mapping of XBMC buttons to XBMC functions, you need to create another file, e.g. ~/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml . I like to use the “play” button to display a context menu on the selection screens and codec statistics during playback. The following file overrides the default XBMC mapping to enable this: