Mounting CIFS/SMB in fstab fails with “CIFS VFS: No username specified” in syslog

So you have a line in your /etc/fstab like:

//  /mnt/nsbackup  cifs  credentials=/root/.smbcredentials,noauto  0  0

and /root/.smbcredentials contains


and you see the error above in your syslog? Try installing the package cifs-utils!






10 responses to “Mounting CIFS/SMB in fstab fails with “CIFS VFS: No username specified” in syslog”

  1. frankiejr

    I don’t think I can count how many times I’m saying “Thank You” out loud over and over again right now. I’m fairly new to the Linux thing and have been trying to learn something new on Natty every day. Tonight I was trying to get a network drive auto-mounted for future use, and none of the documentation anywhere was helping. Your suggestion did the trick.

    So I’ll say it again: Thank You!

  2. dasarne

    You helped me, too.

  3. Chris

    Nailed it! Thanks cifs-utils was my problem too

  4. Gregory O

    Spot on, thank you. I don’t even need the ‘user=’ line, since I’m mounting using the same username as my login on the client computer.

  5. OMG – that was all, must have just simply forgotten it, but THANK YOU!!

  6. Bob Roberts

    Hey thanks pal.

  7. Ermir

    Thanks a lot. I was also facing the same problem.

  8. Fons D.

    This did the trick!

    Thank you!!

  9. Emmanuel

    Thank you!

  10. Ken

    Thanks! Last week I had a little accident and removed the cifs-utils package from the server because I was typing in the wrong terminal. I thought I had reinstalled it, but I hadn’t really. Thanks again.