ASRock ION 330 (HT): Custom boot logo

Don’t like the ASRock pictures you see at boot? Here’s how to display your own:

  • Boot into Windows
  • download MMTool (google it) and the latest ASROCK ION 330 HT BIOS
  • load the BIOS file in MMTool, click extract, choose ID FB, save it as .jpg
  • create your logo in your favourite image editor, save as 96dpi 640×480 JPEG
  • use “jhead  -purejpg file.jpg” to strip all tags. Jhead is available in macports.
  • in MMTool, replace ID FB with the data from the .jpg file and save the ROM. Before you do that, make sure the file size does not exceed the size of the original file you extracted.
  • Put it on a USB stick, insert into the box and press F6 during boot
  • Flash the new BIOS
  • now enter the BIOS and choose the “Scenery” boot logo
  • reboot and watch!

I’m not accepting responsibility for any bricked HTPCs 😛